Monday, December 20, 2010

A Monday of Change...

...Did you all think I'd skipped the country? I'd like to - hehe. No, jus' kidding. Just been busy like the rest of ya. First I will say that I PROMISE I'll show you pics of the house - tomorrow night. This is just a quick picture of our bedroom decked out for the season. More to come and I'm not lying (since I told ya two weeks ago I was gonna share them with you - y'all forgive me - o.k.).
But the title of this post is to indicate - how much things "changed" today. A Happy Celebration was for my husband - who turned (dare I say) the big 4-0 today. Happy Birthday my sweet Shaun. He had to have help blowing out ALL those candles - from our son and our sweet lil' friend, Madison.
On a more bittersweet note - today also marked the last week of my lil' shoppe being open. Twelve years ago - I began this journey and what a blessing it has been. But oh how I will miss it - my dear friends especially. But by making this decision - it has allowed us to follow other dreams. Dreams of a more peaceful, less hectic (I hope) life where there is much more time for family and friends. So I will try and not be sad about closing "my" Cobblestone Farms but be grateful for the opportunity I have had. An opportunity afforded to me by God, my family, and an incredible support team of friends and many, many, many dear customers.

So on to a happy change. This morning when we left to go pick out a front door - there were no walls up. But when we returned - we almost had a complete first floor. Wow - that was quick.
So - this Monday was definitely one of change. And even though there were a lot of different emotions involved with each "event" - at the end of this day - I simply feel blessed.
Merry Christmas to you my friends!
Happy Pictures tomorrow - Promise!


Audrey {Lil' Booger Blog} said...

WOW! I'm so excited for you Cathy! Can't wait to see your pretty door you picked out. Funny that you mentioned that because Josh and I were "looking" at some homes and I found the PERFECT front door for my future home! HEHE! You should see my inspiration folders and binder! ;)

Farmchick said...

I will miss your shop being open, but change in life is inevitable! You are a positive person and I know even more great things are ahead of you. Roll with it!!

Angie said...

Your bedroom is gorgeous and I can't wait to see more! So excited for you and your future home and less hectic life. So glad we get to go on the journey with ya!

NanaDiana said...

It is always sad to see a dream end...but there will be new dreams to be shared and explored.

Now, having done this building thing several times...I will tell you that once the walls go up it seems like it takes forever to get things finished. It is just because the walls going up is so dramatic of a change and then everything else slowly falls into place. So, don't be will all be over and you will be loving your new home. Hugs- Diana

cindy @ cottage instincts said...

Changes for sure! Isn't life funny...we can feel sadness and joy at the same time. I think it's wonderful that you can have closure in such a nice way with your shop, knowing new things are on the horizon...literally!

You're a tease with your one bedroom shot. I want to see more!

Sharing with Sherri said...

Love your darling apple green themed tree and polka dot packages! Soooo cute!!

Merry Christmas!!