Thursday, January 7, 2010

Not much snow...but...

...enough to say -
My friend, Sara, made this cute lil' hat for me - thanks Sara - I love it!
Casen made a snow angel or two... and we threw lots of snowballs!

I made some yummy vegetable soup...
...and chocolate chip cookies.

So even though we didn't get enough snow to sleigh ride - it was still a wonderful day.
School's out again tomorrow - so everybody have fun and brrrrrrr.... stay safe and warm!


Audrey said...

Love the pictures! Stay warm!

Darlene said...

It looks beautiful and I know y'all had fun!!

My Casa Bella said...

MMMM your soup looks so comforting and your cookies look devine!!! Enjoy your comfort foods.

Deb said...

most people get in trouble on snow days...glad yours was snow here in Texas...just BRRRRR cold temps....

Sharon said...

Looks yummy!! Stay warm!

Country Dreaming said...

Happy snow days. We've been out two days now and no school tomorrow
either. I love unexpected surprises like this.
Soup and cookies look delish!!!


Angie said...

Looks like fun! Don't get to see that where I live in GA, but it has been very cold lately. We may get some sleet/ice tonight and tomorrow. So glad I am a stay at home mom and don't have to get out unless I really need to. LOVED yesterday's post! I'm gonna have to make myself a copy of it. Stay warm and have a great Friday and weekend!

Melanie said...

Mmmm can you send some of that soup my way. My kiddos are out of school again tomorrow too.

Susan S. said...

What a cute the pictures. Hope you get some more snow if that's what your looking for!

Happy New Year from Houston, TX

Linda said...

Hi Cathy,
Love your pictures, the hat and scarf. That picture should be a post card, I mean it! Cookies look too yummy! Stay warm friend.
Love Linda

I'm getting ready for Valentine's Day.....

Melody said...

Looks like you had fun. if ya stopped by mu blog ya read my post about my holiday, but the weather thru Berea/Renfro Valley to Jellico was a snowy ride not icy on New Years Day.

Queen of Dreamsz said...

Hello Cathy,

Oh my!! Those cookies are melting in my mouth. :0) I've got snow too and COLD temps....brrrr

I just ran across your blog again through the links at Small Town Living blog.

Drop by when you have a moment!

Scatter Bliss..

TidyMom said...

LOVE the picture of you Cathy!! who took it?

We got a little more snow than you did- about 3" and most of it's still here because of the cold! - I'm ready for it to GO!


Beverly said...

Loved your picture with your barn and barn quilt in the background. Glad you had enough to have fun in the snow. Your soup and cookies look so yummy.
I missed your previous post, but loved that list. Some good advice.
Stay warm and am looking forward to your upcoming project.

Acorn Cottage said...

Hi Cathy,
Don't think you can post a picture of those amazing chocolate chips cookies (that look nothing like mine FYI) and not post the recipe!
I just follow the instructions on the bag of Nestle chocolate chips, but yours look amazing!


Julie said...

Look at all that snow (that is beautiful)! And look at those chocolate chip cookies (that is mean!!!)
You and your little man are precious!
Many Blessings,

Catherine said...

It looks good and conforting during these snow days! catherine

Spencer said...

I wish we had "Not much snow." This year we have had two and a half feet fall in two months. It has made getting around the yard awful. Thank godness we only have to go out to get wood and feed our chickens. Your place is beautiful, and I hoe you enjoy your snow.

Ribbons -n- Rags said...


That is a gorgeous picture of you and I agree, it should be a postcard!! Don't forget about a sewing date. Let me know, I look forward to it!!

P.S. The arrangements that you made for church are beautiful. You should have heard the ooohs and aaaahs last night.