Monday, April 6, 2009

Morgan's Special Day

Oh what a beautiful Saturday it was for my sweet friend, Morgan. She was a stunning bride and her smile lit up the place because she and her new husband were so very happy. I'd been telling you all last week that I had been working on a wedding - I guess I should have said a wedding reception. You see, Morgan got married at one church and her reception was at another. And even though I didn't get to go to the wedding ceremony - I know it was gorgeous 'cause my dear friend Nell did the decorations there and she is one talented lady. I hated to miss the union but I stayed back to help get ready for all the well-wishers who attended the reception. So I'm gonna show you a lil' slide show - thought you might enjoy it. And I'm gonna give you a brief breakdown so you can understand some of the things you might see - like the pumpkin for instance.

*Morgan, a teacher, meets Jonathan, a pumpkin farmer
*They fall madly in love
*Jonathan proposes by having Morgan pick a carved pumpkin from the patch - "Will you Marry me?"
*Of course, she said yes!
*The wedding journey begins
*A Lemonade stand was made by her kind dad - it was a sweet tribute from Morgan to her late mother
*Many many many people gathered to celebrate the joining of these two people

- What a blessed, beautiful and extraordinarily happy day - for everyone involved

Aunt Di, Beverly, Margie, Kathy, Amy, Jeremy, Christina, Fanola, Ann, Lizzie, Nell, Penny,Philip, Morgan and Jonathan - Thanks for including me - I so enjoyed the day and the friendship we all shared!!



Raggedy Angel said...

How always make a wonderful show! Beth

Deb said...

what a sweet story!

Deanna said...

I loved the flower arrangements! So cute and colorful! And the lemonade stand was a great idea!

Katie said...

Thanks for sharing these pictures. They are so beautiful!

Tolentreasures said...

Beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing them.


Sue said...

These are such BEAUTIFUL pictures. You do an awesome job. Every part of it was special.

Sarah@VintageChic said...

Love, love the pictures of the reception. It is beautiful!!!! Love the color choices and the flowers! Great job! Sounds like a sweet couple.

Tracy said...

How beautiful! I LOVE the lemonade stand, but all of the decorations are stunning. Really cute!!