Thursday, January 29, 2009

A touch of Snow!

Well, you know how I'd been hoping for a lil' snow instead of the ice. Yesterday morning we woke up and the pond was overflowing and the water was standing everywhere - I ran out and checked the gage - and we had gotten 4.5 inches of rain in less than 24 hours. Now, I'm not for sure if this is correct - but hubby says, for every one inch of rain - that equals nearly 10 inches of snow. So needless to say, if it had fallen in the frozen form - we'd be snowed in, well forever. Like I said, not for sure if he's got that exactly right - but it's fun to think of it - 45 inches of snow that would have been. But just as we were watching it rain - it turned to snow jus' like that - a really hard blowing snow - and then it was gone - once again, jus' like that. But I was glad we got to experience a lil' bit of it.

We still have a lil' bit of the white stuff hanging around. It'll be gone by the weekend - suppose to be nearly 50 degrees.

But just as we are enjoying a lil' snow - I must remember all the people who were heavily affected by this storm - no electricity, no water. It really is a sad situation - so we will continue to remember them and hope that things are back in order for them real soon.

I hope you all enjoy a wonderful weekend. I've got to go work in my store - oh my, I've been off for a few weeks and I'm suppose to open back up next week, and needless to say - it sorely needs attention. And Yes, this weekend we will be seeding lots of spring flowers in our greenhouse - so I think my lazy days "of winter" are over. I'll keep you posted on all of the happenings at Cobblestone Farms.

Many Blessings, Cathy


Carrie said...

Seems like the snow has hit many of us!! The snow I can handle, it;s all of the ice, etc. that is a pain in the you know what. I remember 2 years ago we got hit really hard with a major ice storm and we without power for nearly a week!! UGGHHH!!

And good luck getting the shop back and running. You have such beautiful things. And it has to be a great thing going to work doing something you LOVE everyday!! Gotta LOVE that!!

Have a GREAT weekend!! Carrie♥

Darlene said...

Your snow is beautiful. I sure wish we had gotten snow instead of ice. Our ice is still trying to melt even after two days of it being above freezing.

Julie said...

Hi Cathy yes we got snow and ice and now we are getting snow while I'm typing this only a light coating they say:) then on Monday we will be getting another big storm. we've been out all week also we have some people still with out power. Good luck getting all those little seeds planted and getting the shop back up and running. Have a wonderful weekend! Stay Warm

Cathy said...

This SC girl would love to see some snow on the ground. Have fun tidying up the store and a great weekend.


Sharon said...

Isn't the weather interesting? I was interested in your description of how quickly the rain turned to snow and then was gone. Made me think of a couple of times I have seen it rain in the front yard but not in the back! Just amazing. I hope your shop isn't too much work on this super bowl weekend and I'm looking forward to picture when you reopen. Stay safe and warm.

Jean said...

The snow and ice has missed us every time. You have a good weekend getting ready in your wonderful shop.
Jean in Virginia

Susie Homemaker said...

So happy you got your just right amount of snow...I haven't been able to use my front walk in a month! So glad I have the help of Neighbor George for the driveway...wish I lived near you. I'd gladly help you with the planting...


Lisa ~ A Cottage to Me said...

What a pretty scene by your tree. Love it, makes winter seem not so bad!